Winners - June 2019:

Best Feature Film:
Diamond Award: Lost At Desert (Sila Agavale)
Platinum Award: Surviving Bokator (Mark Bochsler)
Gold Award: Ghost In The Graveyard (Charlie Comparetto)

Best Short Film:

Diamond Awards:
Two Down (Rolfin Nyhus)
The Victim (Junmin Wang)

Platinum Awards:
Hollow Pond (Rolfin Nyhus)
Jesus Rides A Harley (Michael Boston)

Gold Awards:
Lethalz (Rumena Dinevsaka)
August In The City (Christie Conochalla)

Silver Awards:
Violet Rain (Shaun Lupton)
Lens (Jason Johnson)

Bronze Awards:
Yort (Duane Michals)
Vietnam Aftermath (Tom Phillips)

Best Music Video:
Change Our Tune (Jeff Rolfzen and Rocky Steen-Rolfzen)

Best Director:
Michael Boston (Jesus Rides A Harley)

Best Actor:
Diamond Award: Michael Boston (Jesus Rides A Harley)
Platinum Award: Shannan Yancsurak (Jesus Rides A Harley)

Best Score:
Diamond Award: Hollow Pond (Rolfin Nyhus)
Platinum Award: Lethalz (Rumena Dinevsaka)

Best Editing:
Diamond Award: Hollow Pond (Rolfin Nyhus)
Platinum Award: Yort (Duane Michals)

Best Screenplay:
Diamond Award: Two Down (Rolfin Nyhus)
Platinum Award: Zapp (Justin Hayward)
Gold Award: Chloƫ 'Two Fingers' (Lisa Marie Tedesco)

Best Visual FX:
Yort (Duane Michals)

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